Unleash your wild side by attending the Atlanta rock concerts

Rock fans in Atlanta are in for a lucky treat this season. Some of the most successful bands in the world have officially announced that they would be performing in the city soon. Each one of them has promised to deliver a unique set of stage performance that would leave attendees yearning for more so visit a ticketing company and get your discount concert tickets today!. Some of these popular music groups are as follows:

The Goo Goo Dolls
They would be performing at Chastain Park Amphitheater on Friday the 11th of July from 7pm onwards. This American rock crew was formed during the Memorial Day of 1986 at Buffalo, NY by friends John Rzeznik, George Tutuska and Robby Takac. Though recognized for their highly successful 1998 music single the “Iris,” they have many other popular chart-topping songs with titles such as Black Balloon, Broadway and Slide from their 1998 album Dizzy Up The Girl. Guests can expect high energy and reverberation from this group who are naturally good on stage. Come to Chastain Park on the date mentioned above and discover why Goo Goo has been rated a double-platinum selling rock band.

Daughtry is a US rock band that was formed by American Idol 5th season finalist Chris Daughtry, he used his real name as the group’s official stage title. Being bold and baldheaded, he represents the picture of a contemporary rocker as depicted in the rulebook Live and Fuel. This is what has made him and the band such a success outside the confines of competition in American Idol, despite coming in as a runner’s up. The group’s first hit single is “It’s Not Over” which debuted at No.4 on the Hot 100 Billboard chart and No.3 in many other minor charts. Daughtry’s live performances are characterized by advanced choreography and quality sound, you can tell that they practice before presenting themselves on stage.

Sarah McLachlan
Sarah McLachlan will also be performing at Chastain on Wednesday Jul 30th from 8.00pm. Her act is part of the Live Nation Concerts Series that’s taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for her mezzo-soprano vocals and emotional ballads, McLachlan is ready to set the stage on fire as she has always done in her previous performances. The star has sold well over 40 million albums internationally and is also engaged in charity and humanitarian movements. McLachlan’s songs come deep from her heart and would definitely move you.

Some of the tickets for these concerts in Atlanta are already on sale. You can buy yours early before they run out of stock due to high demand from the artists’ fans.

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