Book of Mormon Musical Cast

An Award Winning Musical Cast – The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a musical satire that has gotten a lot of buzz so get your cheap Book of Mormon tickets today! It has been running at the Eugene O’Neill Theater in Broadway since 2011 and has seen several on-tour performances and also runs at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. It is about two young Mormon missionaries and their attempts to spread the word of the gospel in a village in northern Uganda. This village is threatened by a brutal local warlord and the villagers are more worried about war, poverty, AIDS and their next meal rather than religious scripture. It is about the triumphs and travails of these two young missionaries during their journey to spread the word of the Book of Mormon. This musical and its cast have been nominated for and have won many prestigious awards several times.

The cast consists of –

Gavin Creel as Elder Price
Gavin Creel plays the part of Elder Price in the Book of Mormon who is a young missionary who is sent to Uganda although he aspired to go to Orlando instead. Gavin has been previously nominated twice for the Tony Awards for his work in Hair (Hirschfield, West End) and Throughly Modern Millie (Marquis, West End). He has also won the 2014 Whatsonstage Award for Best Actor in a Musical and the 2014 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical for the Book of Mormon.

Jared Gertner as Elder Cunningham
Elder Cunningham is the other missionary sent with Elder Price who often refers to characters from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings while preaching. Jared Gertner plays the role of Elder Cunningham in this musical production. Jared is the winner of the IRNE Award for Best Actor for his work in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. He has also been nominated for the 2014 Laurence Olivier Awards as the Best Actor in a Musical for his work in this musical satire.

Alexia Khadime as Nabulungi
Nabulungi is a local Ugandan girl and Mafala Hatimbi’s daughter who dreams of moving to the big city. This part is played by Alexia Khadime who has won the 2014 Whatsonstage Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her role in the Book of Mormon.

Stephen Ashfield as Elder McKinley and Moroni
Elder McKinley is a Mormon Elder and the Church’s current district leader in Uganda. He is attracted to men but is in denial of his feelings. Stephen Ashfield has won the 2009 Whatsonstage Theatergoers Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical (for his role as Prince Edward in Jersey Boys) and also the 2014 Whatsonstage Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical and the 2014 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical for his role as Elder McKinley.

Kevin Harvey as Mafala Hatimbi
Kevin Harvey plays the role of Nabulungi’s father and the guide for the two young missionaries. He is a member of a Ugandan tribe.

Hugo Harold – Harrison as Price’s Dad/Mission President/Jospeh Smith
The Mission President is the leader of the missionaries. Hugo Harold-Harrison plays this role along with the roles of Joseph Smith and Price’s Dad.

Chris Jarman as the General
The General is the warlord and a despot controlling the village where Price and Cunningham are sent. Chris Jarman plays this role.

The play also has several other cast members as the ensemble for the musical.

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