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Washington Nationals – Best Players to Play for the Nationals in 2014

After their second-best season, Washington Nationals are ready for yet another successful season in 2014.With additions of key players such as Nate McLouth and Doug Fister, Washington is poised to take a run in its 2nd NL East crowd so get your Washington Nationals tickets today!

With only few months to go before Strasburg throws the first pitch against the NY Mets at the Citi Field to formally open the 2014 season, many speculations still remains for the Nats.

However, there’s no denying that the team’s framework looks solid and in place.

In this list, we’ll list rank the top 4 best/valuable players who’ll play for the Nationals in 2014.

The rankings are based on several parameters, including value added as an individual as well as their leadership in the pitch, and the degree to which they’ve proved their worth in the team.

#1: Jayson Werth
Jason, who’s surrounded by many scandals –a mammoth $162 million contract due to his inconsistent performance and injuries – is still considered to be the most indispensable player to play for the Nationals.

He’s a solid fielder, makes his presence felt at the plates, and a fan favorite.

The 34-year old isn’t only the National’s oldest players, but also the team’s only to have won the World series. With 4 years remaining on his contract, there’s no question that Werth will not play his final days with the Nationals.

#2: Ryan Zimmerman
Although physically Ryan may not be at his best, due to a shoulder injury that stemmed from a surgery in 2012, mentally he feels he is more consistent of a player.

Although he posted his career-low in both fielding (0.945 %) and batting (0.275%), these scores were still good enough to place him in 5th on the team.

Even among all these adversities, Zimmerman still led the Nationals with 84 runs and 26 home runs.

#3: Doug Fister
Fister may not be the best starting pitcher for the team, nonetheless, he’s still the most valuable.

Fister has more playoff experience than any other pitcher in the team. He’s also coming off a season after striking out career-high 159 batters.

#4: Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper is fan’s favorite. He has proved himself on the plate, in the field, and on the base path, again and again.

Harper is the only real 5-tool player on his team.

He even improved last year. Although he had fewer appearances in his first few seasons (only 100), nonetheless his doubles, RBI numbers, and home runs were the same from his first and second year.

There you have it – 4 Best Players to Play for Washington Nationals in 2014.

Over to you. Who is your favorite Washington players and why? Please let us know!

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