Skins Roster Top to Bottom

Washington Redskin’s roster

2013 is arguably the year of disappointment for the Washington Redskins, hence, the cheap Redskins tickets you can find online already. Never mind that the five time NFL champions, have been earnestly trying to bolster their roster to regain their lost glory. A 3-13 record is an indictment to a team that turned from being optimistic for an NFC title to a laughing stock over the course of the season. While on the team front things weren’t looking that good, individuals like Pierre Garcon broke the record of number of catches in a season. Accumulating an impressive total of 113 catches, it left the Art Monk 106 catches trailing as being the second most catches in a season by the franchise.

That notwithstanding, the record was also reason for Mike Shanahan to be shown the door for poor performance. Jay Gruden has since been hired to take over the hot seat. Whether he was the perfect choice or not it still remains to be seen if that was the correct choice.

It is said that the character of a football team is in its quarter back. Robert Griffin III remains the dominant name since his acquisition a couple of seasons ago. While it may seem hard to divorce the fact that Daniel Snyder is after success the 1.6 billion dollar franchise is set to make an upgrade to its roster to foster success. Although clarion calls from the franchise face Robert Griffin III seem optimistic, the “movement” is in reality far from making desired changes in its roster. One such effort was the acquisition of Jason Hatcher.

If the news coming from the training camp is anything to go by, a heavy blow to the start of the season is evident with a Jason Hatcher set to undergo the knife to treat his knee. This is arguably the biggest blow given the 10 million dollars pumped in to bring the defensive tackle to Washington. Of more concern is how long he will be out before resuming fitness and play. However, the signing of Morgan Moses in May is regarded to be advantageous to the team and a fresh pair of legs to a franchise laden with old free agents who have since become perennial losers on pitch.

One move that can be seen to try and bolster the Redskins squad lies in its shuffling of Alex Santos to be in charge of pro personnel. This is likely to be a calculated move to improve front office and players rapport. Perhaps the boardroom seems to be convinced that a player friendly front office is synonymous to better results on the pitch; however that remains to be seen.

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