David and Goliath


Unique for their rather interesting arrangement with the New York Jets over utilization of the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the New York Giants are a professional American Football team, members of the East Division of the National Football Conference in the NFL, holding a position as one of the five teams that first partook in the NFL in 1925. Get cheap New York Giants tickets online for your family and cheer on the Giants today!

The longest established team in North America, the only one of the original five teams still standing, the New York Giants have enjoyed a considerably lucrative history, ranking within the top five in all the NFL franchises, their position justified by the eight titles they have won over the years.

Boasting numerous records and victories, the Giants have proven themselves as the team to beat, their reputation achieved via the various strengths the team has honed over the years such as:
Passing Game- with Eli Manning averaging 326 passing yards per game over the last season, his skills complimented by Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, two names standing within the top tier of every noteworthy receiving category, the Giant’s dominant streak can be imputed to their impressive passing game, the team’s passing attack ranked fifth in the last season.

Experience- When struck by calamities, the Giants have the advantage of Super Bowl MVPs, battle tested veterans through whose leadership the team has overcome adversity in its various forms, this level of experience crucial in overcoming the pressures present on the field, especially during critical games.

Run Defense- there have been many voices rising to criticize the New York Giants and their pass game, the team coming under difficult assaults against experienced teams as a result; a failing that the team has proven capable of overcoming by availing a superior run defense, their high level of play proving critical in making them contenders against overwhelming odds.

Where stumbles have occurred, the team has had to confront some difficult failings, their most prominent weaknesses usually revolving around:

The Pass Defense- it s probably because of the various injuries that keep cropping up that the Pass Defense is still proving to be the New York Giant’s Achilles’ heel, many imputing this weaknesses to the barrage of injuries that the team has been known to suffer from, augmented by a reduction in pressure during certain points in the season.

Considering the level of pressure they should be under in protecting Manning, the Giant’s red zone offensive has proven mostly unimpressive, certainly noteworthy in some games but mostly leaving a lot to be desired; this haphazard performance will not aid the team’s prospects, especially considering how crucial it is in unleashing Manning’s full potential.

Along with issues ravaging their ability to stop the run, the Giants might be in for quite a few fumbles unless they manage to overcome these crucial weaknesses, possibly through the utilization of new blood and unique stratagem.

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