LA Can They Do It!

Way to Go, L.A Dodgers!

With the numerous games coming their way, the Los Angeles Dodgers surely seem to be prepared for the upcoming challenges. While the practices for the upcoming matches are going strong, still each player of the Los Angeles Dodgers has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. While evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the team, the potential and improvement requirements of some of the Dodgers can be mentioned so get discount Dodger tickets asap.

Talking about Grant Holmes who can prove to be a great strength for the team due to his best pitch which is the 11-5 curveball, he surely showcases great potential but in the weakness section his lack of control over the secondary pitches could be a huge problem.

Onelki Garcia’s two different types of curveballs – one that is thrown in the form of a strikeout pitch and other being a slower 70s version provides a definite advantage to the Los Angeles Dodgers but due to his offseason surgery he has to face challenges in his delivery.

Talking about Chris Reeds, his two-seam fastball definitely gives a considerable sink but again the guy needs improvement with his control and also his command. This guy posseses great potential and is definitely an upper hand for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tom Windle’s noticeable movement of the arm-side and his range of 82-92 mph of the fastball gives him and the team a sure advantage but his tendency of overthrowing time and again can lead to some issues with the command. Tere are also some concerns about his ability to develop a third pitch which is a disadvantage for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now as it is known that Chris Anderson’s quality fastballs usually stay in the low 90s but the guy can still manages up to 98mph sometimes. Because of a huge height advantage he can manage to use large frames so as to pitch on a plane which is steep downhill plane but just like the others Los Angeles Dodgers, this Dodger also has some issues with command and control.

Moving on to Alex Guerrero, due to his great physical strength and strong wrists, the guy’s batting speed is very good but he has troubles with his defense. Due to the average range he does not have a good projection.

Another great Dodger is Zach Lee who is able to feature up to four pitches. He can manage to make his fastball sit in the mid 90s and unlike other Los Angeles Dodgers this guy doesn’t have issues with his command but on the contrary none of his four pitches are considered dominant even though they are above average which adds to the weakness list of Los Angeles Dodgers.

There are other players too comprising of their own abilities and weaknesses but overall all the Los Angeles Dodgers together makes a great team and their performances are being awaited by large number of fans and it can be surely said that the dodgers will continue to impress their fans in the upcoming matches too.

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