Luxury Transportation Events

Luxury vehicles are hearty accuracy designed machines with an accentuation on quality. Luxury auto proprietors realize that with care and luxury vehicle benefit that is skillful, solid and accessible all day and all night, their luxury autos will dependably be in top driving condition. It is with this understanding imaginative vehicle makers go past their progressive auto outlines to make exceptional help items particularly intended to meet the demanding needs of the perceiving luxury driver.  Utilization of honest to goodness parts in luxury vehicle overhauling, a making-of asset sparing new parts, after deals administration and thorough protection and help designs are the signs of the main car maker.   

Certified Parts   

Certified parts are produced to match to the particular necessities of the luxury vehicle they are intended for and ensure an exclusive requirement of value.   Honest to goodness parts are made amid the advancement of a luxury auto and are made to coordinate each other exactly, satisfying errands dependably. This has the advantage of extra parts with brilliant fitment exactness which essentially brings down the time spent in the workshop. Inventive vehicle makers additionally guarantee that upgrades made in arrangement creation are likewise received for their honest to goodness parts and frequently give a one-year statutory certification on these parts.  Honest to goodness new parts have likewise turned out to be accessible and keeping in mind that being an asset sparing option, they are by the by subjected to the same stringent quality necessities.  Moreover, bona fide retro-fittable arrangements gave by imaginative car makers are magnificently planned to the particular necessities and similar exclusive requirements of value and security of the luxury vehicle.   

Aftercare Services   

The estimation of luxury auto services can best be found in the level of aftercare bolster gave to the vehicle proprietor. Crisis and individual help programs furnish luxury vehicle proprietors with true serenity motoring by giving the framework to help a countrywide 24-hour-a-day crisis benefit. These projects guarantee on the spot roadside help offered by a completely prepared and prepared luxury vehicle overhauling expert.   All the more in this way, while the essential concentration is to get luxury auto proprietors portable in their own particular vehicle; where a roadside repair can’t be influenced and the vehicle should be towed, the tenants of the vehicle will be transported to a position of wellbeing. Additionally motoring genuine feelings of serenity is accomplished with an expressway get ready for luxury auto adjusting which offers upkeep and repairs at no cost to the luxury vehicle proprietor. A five-year or 100,000 km interstate arrangement is regularly included as standard on new luxury autos and assimilates all upkeep and administration costs, except for between-benefit top-up liquids, fuel, split or broken glass, and tires.   It is this thoughtfulness regarding administration that guarantees that the buying of a luxury vehicle is in excess of a business exchange, yet the start of a relationship established on shared regard and profound respect.   

To completely appreciate the power, opportunity and elating driving background of luxury motoring – drivers require the significant serenity that accompanies a luxury engine design.  Realizing that, should it demonstrate fundamental, their auto will be adjusted and kept up at no cost to themselves, takes away the stress of owning a luxury vehicle and puts the driver’s mind where it ought to be – getting a charge out of the open street.   

Support Plans   

A luxury support design ingests all upkeep and administration costs, with the main exemptions being between-benefit top-up of liquids, fuel, split or broken glass, and tires.  Creative auto engine producers of luxury vehicles regularly incorporate these upkeep designs as standard on their vehicles for up to five years or 100,000 km. Top-up alternatives to broaden support designs are accessible for up to 200,000 km or five years.   These support designs are intended for the simple task with respect to the proprietor who can influence consistent adjusting and upkeep and repairs by making a meeting with any of the endorsed overhauling merchants of the luxury vehicle being referred to.   An important administration division will then deal with all the work while liaising specifically with the vehicle proprietor’s Luxury Motor Plan Maintenance Unit, implying that no additional exertion or installment is required.   

Luxury engine designs are transferable as the arrangement is enlisted with the vehicle should the vehicle be sold to another proprietor before the support design has terminated.  This gives included resale esteem and is additionally accessible notwithstanding standard one-year/boundless separation vehicle guarantees. The luxury engine design can even – subject to specific prohibitions – cover any repairs fundamental after the expiry of the standard guarantee.   Pre-possessed Freeway Plans   Indeed, even pre-possessed vehicles can profit by an extensive support arrange for which covers services, wear and tear things and certain repairs.  Imaginative auto producers who are planning to keep up elevated requirements of value, give drivers included genuine feelings of serenity that their pre-possessed vehicles will get a similar overhauling and support when important. These extensive plans are incorporated on the entirety of their pre-claimed vehicles for multi year/25 000km or the rest of the adjusting of the current expressway design.   

Extra Value luxury limo service in Atlanta Alongside esteem and advantages gave a vehicle’s upkeep design, extra esteem added services are likewise accessible to remove any waiting uncertainty from the luxury driving background. Services, for example, on the spot roadside help by completely prepared and prepared specialists, are likewise accessible, and additionally a scope of inventive protection choices.  There can be no preferable motoring genuine feelings of serenity over realizing that your auto will be dealt with by the specific same individuals who put such care and thought into its development. This is the estimation of a luxury engine arrange for that is as inventive as the vehicle it covers.   

While enlisting a luxury auto rental administration, request that your specialist record your name for a free redesign contingent on accessibility. This would extraordinarily support your odds of getting an updated auto when it touches base to lift you up. An option is to educate the on-location rental chief about your landing ahead of time with the goal that he can enroll you for an update. Most on location rental chiefs are very obliging.  Look at the littlest auto accessible at the rental organization and after that check the rates for the following greater auto. Frequently, you can move up to a bigger auto from the smaller one for just a couple of dollars, adding to the wellbeing and solace of your movement.   With more organization’s putting forth the best of services, the hirer has a vast determination accessible for picking. In any case, the main issue ought to dependably be to guarantee that the services guaranteed are being conveyed and you are not being shown a good time.

Benefits of Renting Fully Furnished Medical Office Space

The population of our city is constantly on the rise. Both the residential places as well as the need to rent medical office space in Washington DC or commercial space in DC.The best part about the realty sector is the easy availability of properties. The key to a flourishing business are well-planned business decisions, therefore, most of the aspiring business entrepreneurs largely prefer fully furnished office spaces for rent. Looking for ideal office space for rent is not a very formidable job as you only require visiting some dependable property dealers or genuine and reliable real estate firm. The type of Office Space that you require largely depends upon the type and nature of your business. For example, if you are planning to open office space for a luxury brand or a store of home decor, you need to go in for a lavish and expensive area. Before finalizing a space, it is imperative to keep the essential factors such as location, furnishing, etc. in your mind. If you have a lavish and flexible financial budget, then you should go in for fully furnished office space for rent. In case you have limited means, don’t worry, the real estate has a lot of places to offer that can fulfill your business requirements with competence.

There is an ever-evolving demand for a workplace as it is the hub of all commercial activities. Searching for the ideal space may prove to be a daunting task if you do not have the appropriate knowledge about the various legal proceedings as well as other documentation works involved. There are numerous estate dealers and property professionals who seek to provide land at the best market prices. Investors can get a good deal by consulting the right agent. These agents will make sure that you find a rent medical office space that matches your requirements as closely as possible. A lot of people are in a hurry of locating office space for rent and as a result, do not pay attention to minor details that can prove to be major issues in the longer run. Such an attitude should be avoided to settle for the best deal. There should be a discreet inspection of the full structure. You should check for any damage in all the nooks of the property.  Business owners can greatly augment their revenue streams by opting for office space for rent the land costs are assumed to hike there in the times to come. The place offers best in class infrastructure, day night water and electricity supply, basic civic amenities, high-end commercial properties, best academic institutions and superior corporate complexes. Search for the best property agents on the internet and take their help to settle for the best office space for rent.

For a start-up company, there are specific issues which you just can’t ignore. To execute your business plans the foremost thing you need is a proper office set up. If you can get it done to hire space in between a high-tech city, it will benefit you the most. Firstly the locale is surrounding with various offices and IT firms, so you can easily get your needed job done. Varieties of opportunities are there in a high-tech city; you can also avail them for sure. Hiring office space in the hi-tech city will provide you plethora of opportunities.   Benefits of rent medical office space:  For a start-up company or a small team of business enthusiast, it is hard to set up a newly furnished office with all the needed facilities there. Through renting the office arena for a certain period, you can get the most benefit in this particular aspect. You can save your money by not investing it in the building purpose of the organization. Varieties of IT firms and technological hubs are situated in the heart of high-tech cities. So through hiring space in a high-tech city, you can get the nerve of the business trends well.  You can hire office space on a lease basis with cheaper rate. It is the best way to process your work through it and to gain good resource by working through the proper office environment.

There is another good thing in office renting; you don’t need to take a headache for the maintenance and the needed security measures. Having space in a hi-tech city always comes with proper security measures.   Ready to use office environment will save the costing as well as the time. Through hiring the office space, you can get a proper office environment with all the needed facilities like It support, technological support within the office. So you can execute your work as early as possible.  Shared space also allows you to choose the right package for your work. For a start-up company, there is no surety of regular basis job opportunities. So as per the workload, you can expand the time duration of the office lease. The implicit flexibility of office rent provides a distinct advantage to work in a limited budget mode.  Hiring office space in the hi-tech city also gives to the connectivity facility to come to your office within time. The other employees can also come there with these through various transportation facilities of the hi-tech city. You can also easily judge the condition of the market through working in an office within a hi-tech city. To flourish your business, it is very important to judge the market well. Renting a working space will provide you the benefit both by saving your money as well as the time. The rates of commercial properties are going higher and higher. For many small and medium scaled business concerns buying a property for office space is just not possible. So the only option left with them is to get a commercial property for and start, expand or continue the business activity. Renting medical office space property means a minimum investment for maximum profit. A commercial property is leased by the business to carry on normal working without spending heavy amounts on buying property and exerting extra pressure on their working capital.

Skins Roster Top to Bottom

Washington Redskin’s roster

2013 is arguably the year of disappointment for the Washington Redskins, hence, the cheap Redskins tickets you can find online already. Never mind that the five time NFL champions, have been earnestly trying to bolster their roster to regain their lost glory. A 3-13 record is an indictment to a team that turned from being optimistic for an NFC title to a laughing stock over the course of the season. While on the team front things weren’t looking that good, individuals like Pierre Garcon broke the record of number of catches in a season. Accumulating an impressive total of 113 catches, it left the Art Monk 106 catches trailing as being the second most catches in a season by the franchise.

That notwithstanding, the record was also reason for Mike Shanahan to be shown the door for poor performance. Jay Gruden has since been hired to take over the hot seat. Whether he was the perfect choice or not it still remains to be seen if that was the correct choice.

It is said that the character of a football team is in its quarter back. Robert Griffin III remains the dominant name since his acquisition a couple of seasons ago. While it may seem hard to divorce the fact that Daniel Snyder is after success the 1.6 billion dollar franchise is set to make an upgrade to its roster to foster success. Although clarion calls from the franchise face Robert Griffin III seem optimistic, the “movement” is in reality far from making desired changes in its roster. One such effort was the acquisition of Jason Hatcher.

If the news coming from the training camp is anything to go by, a heavy blow to the start of the season is evident with a Jason Hatcher set to undergo the knife to treat his knee. This is arguably the biggest blow given the 10 million dollars pumped in to bring the defensive tackle to Washington. Of more concern is how long he will be out before resuming fitness and play. However, the signing of Morgan Moses in May is regarded to be advantageous to the team and a fresh pair of legs to a franchise laden with old free agents who have since become perennial losers on pitch.

One move that can be seen to try and bolster the Redskins squad lies in its shuffling of Alex Santos to be in charge of pro personnel. This is likely to be a calculated move to improve front office and players rapport. Perhaps the boardroom seems to be convinced that a player friendly front office is synonymous to better results on the pitch; however that remains to be seen.

David and Goliath


Unique for their rather interesting arrangement with the New York Jets over utilization of the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the New York Giants are a professional American Football team, members of the East Division of the National Football Conference in the NFL, holding a position as one of the five teams that first partook in the NFL in 1925. Get cheap New York Giants tickets online for your family and cheer on the Giants today!

The longest established team in North America, the only one of the original five teams still standing, the New York Giants have enjoyed a considerably lucrative history, ranking within the top five in all the NFL franchises, their position justified by the eight titles they have won over the years.

Boasting numerous records and victories, the Giants have proven themselves as the team to beat, their reputation achieved via the various strengths the team has honed over the years such as:
Passing Game- with Eli Manning averaging 326 passing yards per game over the last season, his skills complimented by Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, two names standing within the top tier of every noteworthy receiving category, the Giant’s dominant streak can be imputed to their impressive passing game, the team’s passing attack ranked fifth in the last season.

Experience- When struck by calamities, the Giants have the advantage of Super Bowl MVPs, battle tested veterans through whose leadership the team has overcome adversity in its various forms, this level of experience crucial in overcoming the pressures present on the field, especially during critical games.

Run Defense- there have been many voices rising to criticize the New York Giants and their pass game, the team coming under difficult assaults against experienced teams as a result; a failing that the team has proven capable of overcoming by availing a superior run defense, their high level of play proving critical in making them contenders against overwhelming odds.

Where stumbles have occurred, the team has had to confront some difficult failings, their most prominent weaknesses usually revolving around:

The Pass Defense- it s probably because of the various injuries that keep cropping up that the Pass Defense is still proving to be the New York Giant’s Achilles’ heel, many imputing this weaknesses to the barrage of injuries that the team has been known to suffer from, augmented by a reduction in pressure during certain points in the season.

Considering the level of pressure they should be under in protecting Manning, the Giant’s red zone offensive has proven mostly unimpressive, certainly noteworthy in some games but mostly leaving a lot to be desired; this haphazard performance will not aid the team’s prospects, especially considering how crucial it is in unleashing Manning’s full potential.

Along with issues ravaging their ability to stop the run, the Giants might be in for quite a few fumbles unless they manage to overcome these crucial weaknesses, possibly through the utilization of new blood and unique stratagem.

DC Headliners

Old Favorites and Headliners Come to D.C. This Summer

Another summer is here, and the major acts are gearing up or continuing North American tours. In this year’s mix of touring acts, there’s something for everyone so buy concert tickets online with ease for your favorite artist/act.

Notables like Toby Keith, Billy Joel, Arcade Fire, and Drake and Lil Wayne are set to perform at area venues. Ticket prices are down from last year in the hope that the fans will come in and that the tours will be more profitable.

Arcade Fire’s last release, “Reflektor,” alienated some fans with its experimental feel, but the Canadian band will be bringing their high-concept, performance art production to the Verizon Center on August 17. Their arena-friendly anthems should play well at the Center. With material that runs the gamut from soulful punk rock to haunting hard rock, the band’s ethereal sound is hard to pin down. But they play and perform in the tradition of U2, David Bowie, and The Smiths.

The “Drake Vs. Lil Wayne” tour is set to be the most expensive hip-hop tour of the summer, and probably the most popular for the D.C. metro area, especially since Beyonce and JayZ won’t be stopping by. Ever since becoming a headliner, Drake has talked about his debt to Lil Wayne. And Wayne has tried to make up for lost time (prison time, that is), by working overtime producing new material. Wayne will feature prime cuts form recent releases, including his upcoming “The Carter V.” Their show is scheduled at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA on 8/29.

Country favorites Toby Keith and Darius Rucker will also make their way to metro area venues with Rucker presenting his heartfelt ballads and country-folk favorites at Wolf Trap Farms on 7/27. Rucker will feature songs from his 2013 release “Wagon Wheel.” Keith plays Jiffy Lube Live this Saturday (6/28) and continues to promote last year’s “Drinks After Work.” Another fan favorite, Keith Urban, plays the Delaware State Fair in Harrington on 7/22.

Old favorites ensure that there will be something for everyone in the Washington area this summer. While the kids flock to Arcade Fire, Neon Trees (playing the 9:30 Club on 7/13), and Camera Obscura (also at the Club, 7/18), their parents will want to dust off their old vinyls to prepare for the likes of Billy Joel, Tori Amos, and Crosby Stills and Nash.

Billy Joel continues his rebirth with admittedly rusty voice but renewed musical chops. Though he hasn’t released an album of new material in over 20 years, he plays old favorites as if they are new, playing some songs from his earliest 1970s works. His recent knee replacement allows him some flexibility on stage, and his sell-out shows are bringing in young and old alike. He plays Nationals Park on 7/26. Tori Amos is promoting her newest work, “Unrepentant Geraldines.” Like Joel, her shows feature her virtuosity on the piano. Unlike Joel, her songs tend to be dark and richly-nuanced with obscure, but haunting lyrics. And fans are already trying to decipher the songs on “Geraldines.” She plays the DAR Constitution Center on 8/16. And for all you hippies past and present: Crosby, Stills and Nash is set to play Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA on 7/3. Their catalog is too vast to mention, but they’re still up to performing fan favorites like “Ohio” and “Judy Blue Eyes” with their familiar harmonies largely intact. The trio is celebrating nearly 50 years as a recording and performing group.


Unleash your wild side by attending the Atlanta rock concerts

Rock fans in Atlanta are in for a lucky treat this season. Some of the most successful bands in the world have officially announced that they would be performing in the city soon. Each one of them has promised to deliver a unique set of stage performance that would leave attendees yearning for more so visit a ticketing company and get your discount concert tickets today!. Some of these popular music groups are as follows:

The Goo Goo Dolls
They would be performing at Chastain Park Amphitheater on Friday the 11th of July from 7pm onwards. This American rock crew was formed during the Memorial Day of 1986 at Buffalo, NY by friends John Rzeznik, George Tutuska and Robby Takac. Though recognized for their highly successful 1998 music single the “Iris,” they have many other popular chart-topping songs with titles such as Black Balloon, Broadway and Slide from their 1998 album Dizzy Up The Girl. Guests can expect high energy and reverberation from this group who are naturally good on stage. Come to Chastain Park on the date mentioned above and discover why Goo Goo has been rated a double-platinum selling rock band.

Daughtry is a US rock band that was formed by American Idol 5th season finalist Chris Daughtry, he used his real name as the group’s official stage title. Being bold and baldheaded, he represents the picture of a contemporary rocker as depicted in the rulebook Live and Fuel. This is what has made him and the band such a success outside the confines of competition in American Idol, despite coming in as a runner’s up. The group’s first hit single is “It’s Not Over” which debuted at No.4 on the Hot 100 Billboard chart and No.3 in many other minor charts. Daughtry’s live performances are characterized by advanced choreography and quality sound, you can tell that they practice before presenting themselves on stage.

Sarah McLachlan
Sarah McLachlan will also be performing at Chastain on Wednesday Jul 30th from 8.00pm. Her act is part of the Live Nation Concerts Series that’s taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for her mezzo-soprano vocals and emotional ballads, McLachlan is ready to set the stage on fire as she has always done in her previous performances. The star has sold well over 40 million albums internationally and is also engaged in charity and humanitarian movements. McLachlan’s songs come deep from her heart and would definitely move you.

Some of the tickets for these concerts in Atlanta are already on sale. You can buy yours early before they run out of stock due to high demand from the artists’ fans.

LA Can They Do It!

Way to Go, L.A Dodgers!

With the numerous games coming their way, the Los Angeles Dodgers surely seem to be prepared for the upcoming challenges. While the practices for the upcoming matches are going strong, still each player of the Los Angeles Dodgers has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. While evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the team, the potential and improvement requirements of some of the Dodgers can be mentioned so get discount Dodger tickets asap.

Talking about Grant Holmes who can prove to be a great strength for the team due to his best pitch which is the 11-5 curveball, he surely showcases great potential but in the weakness section his lack of control over the secondary pitches could be a huge problem.

Onelki Garcia’s two different types of curveballs – one that is thrown in the form of a strikeout pitch and other being a slower 70s version provides a definite advantage to the Los Angeles Dodgers but due to his offseason surgery he has to face challenges in his delivery.

Talking about Chris Reeds, his two-seam fastball definitely gives a considerable sink but again the guy needs improvement with his control and also his command. This guy posseses great potential and is definitely an upper hand for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tom Windle’s noticeable movement of the arm-side and his range of 82-92 mph of the fastball gives him and the team a sure advantage but his tendency of overthrowing time and again can lead to some issues with the command. Tere are also some concerns about his ability to develop a third pitch which is a disadvantage for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now as it is known that Chris Anderson’s quality fastballs usually stay in the low 90s but the guy can still manages up to 98mph sometimes. Because of a huge height advantage he can manage to use large frames so as to pitch on a plane which is steep downhill plane but just like the others Los Angeles Dodgers, this Dodger also has some issues with command and control.

Moving on to Alex Guerrero, due to his great physical strength and strong wrists, the guy’s batting speed is very good but he has troubles with his defense. Due to the average range he does not have a good projection.

Another great Dodger is Zach Lee who is able to feature up to four pitches. He can manage to make his fastball sit in the mid 90s and unlike other Los Angeles Dodgers this guy doesn’t have issues with his command but on the contrary none of his four pitches are considered dominant even though they are above average which adds to the weakness list of Los Angeles Dodgers.

There are other players too comprising of their own abilities and weaknesses but overall all the Los Angeles Dodgers together makes a great team and their performances are being awaited by large number of fans and it can be surely said that the dodgers will continue to impress their fans in the upcoming matches too.

Dez Needs Help….Cry Baby

Dallas Cowboys – The 2014 season

The Dallas cowboys did not have a very good season in 2013, they missed the playoff for the fourth time in a row. With a fresh season just about to start, the fans are positive about the team’s chances for this new season, though Sean Lee is injured. This is a very important season for the fans of the Cowboys and the Cowboys themselves so you will be able to find cheap Dallas Cowboys tickets online.

It’s like that the team has been an underachiever during all these years. They finished with an 8-8 record the last season. One of the biggest problems was the defense which was not up to the expectations.

But now, the defense is restated and the new defense coach Rod Marinelli promises to have a better defense line on the field. The offence is very powerful as well with Scott Linehan leading it.

Dez Bryant has become a very great player in the last two years. He has an amazing record to prove it. 185 receptions, 2615 yards and 25 touchdowns just in just 32 games. He has done just about all you can ask from him. He has the talent and stamina to reach at least 15 touchdowns this season.

Henry Melton, in his 2012 Professional performance recorded 6 sacks and 44 tackles for Chicago. Now that he has recovered from the injury which hit him last season, the defense is rock solid again. He has joined the Cowbiys and had teamed up with his ex-coach, Marinelli. With the exit of players like Hatcher and DeMarcus, the defense was weak, but Melton is going to change that.

Tony Romo had an exceptional season last year, even though he missed the final game owing to injury. He passed for more than 3800 yards, 31 touchdowns and had only 10 interceptions.

Though he is recovering from another surgery, fans expect so much from him. If the Cowboys want to win, they need another great performance from this guy. If he somehow manages to have less than 8 interceptions, the season will certainly be better for the Cowboys.

DeVonte Holloman was a very pleasant surprise for the Dallas defense in the 2013 season. Because of the injuries of the star player, he was given the chance to perform, and to our surprise, he did very well. In 9 games he had 26 tackles, 2 sacks. This year, there is more that is expected from him.

These are the predictions for the next season of the Dallas Cowboys, fans expect them to break the jinx and perform better this time, and we hope so too.

Book of Mormon Musical Cast

An Award Winning Musical Cast – The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a musical satire that has gotten a lot of buzz so get your cheap Book of Mormon tickets today! It has been running at the Eugene O’Neill Theater in Broadway since 2011 and has seen several on-tour performances and also runs at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. It is about two young Mormon missionaries and their attempts to spread the word of the gospel in a village in northern Uganda. This village is threatened by a brutal local warlord and the villagers are more worried about war, poverty, AIDS and their next meal rather than religious scripture. It is about the triumphs and travails of these two young missionaries during their journey to spread the word of the Book of Mormon. This musical and its cast have been nominated for and have won many prestigious awards several times.

The cast consists of –

Gavin Creel as Elder Price
Gavin Creel plays the part of Elder Price in the Book of Mormon who is a young missionary who is sent to Uganda although he aspired to go to Orlando instead. Gavin has been previously nominated twice for the Tony Awards for his work in Hair (Hirschfield, West End) and Throughly Modern Millie (Marquis, West End). He has also won the 2014 Whatsonstage Award for Best Actor in a Musical and the 2014 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical for the Book of Mormon.

Jared Gertner as Elder Cunningham
Elder Cunningham is the other missionary sent with Elder Price who often refers to characters from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings while preaching. Jared Gertner plays the role of Elder Cunningham in this musical production. Jared is the winner of the IRNE Award for Best Actor for his work in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. He has also been nominated for the 2014 Laurence Olivier Awards as the Best Actor in a Musical for his work in this musical satire.

Alexia Khadime as Nabulungi
Nabulungi is a local Ugandan girl and Mafala Hatimbi’s daughter who dreams of moving to the big city. This part is played by Alexia Khadime who has won the 2014 Whatsonstage Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her role in the Book of Mormon.

Stephen Ashfield as Elder McKinley and Moroni
Elder McKinley is a Mormon Elder and the Church’s current district leader in Uganda. He is attracted to men but is in denial of his feelings. Stephen Ashfield has won the 2009 Whatsonstage Theatergoers Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical (for his role as Prince Edward in Jersey Boys) and also the 2014 Whatsonstage Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical and the 2014 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical for his role as Elder McKinley.

Kevin Harvey as Mafala Hatimbi
Kevin Harvey plays the role of Nabulungi’s father and the guide for the two young missionaries. He is a member of a Ugandan tribe.

Hugo Harold – Harrison as Price’s Dad/Mission President/Jospeh Smith
The Mission President is the leader of the missionaries. Hugo Harold-Harrison plays this role along with the roles of Joseph Smith and Price’s Dad.

Chris Jarman as the General
The General is the warlord and a despot controlling the village where Price and Cunningham are sent. Chris Jarman plays this role.

The play also has several other cast members as the ensemble for the musical.

Werth is The Man!

Washington Nationals – Best Players to Play for the Nationals in 2014

After their second-best season, Washington Nationals are ready for yet another successful season in 2014.With additions of key players such as Nate McLouth and Doug Fister, Washington is poised to take a run in its 2nd NL East crowd so get your Washington Nationals tickets today!

With only few months to go before Strasburg throws the first pitch against the NY Mets at the Citi Field to formally open the 2014 season, many speculations still remains for the Nats.

However, there’s no denying that the team’s framework looks solid and in place.

In this list, we’ll list rank the top 4 best/valuable players who’ll play for the Nationals in 2014.

The rankings are based on several parameters, including value added as an individual as well as their leadership in the pitch, and the degree to which they’ve proved their worth in the team.

#1: Jayson Werth
Jason, who’s surrounded by many scandals –a mammoth $162 million contract due to his inconsistent performance and injuries – is still considered to be the most indispensable player to play for the Nationals.

He’s a solid fielder, makes his presence felt at the plates, and a fan favorite.

The 34-year old isn’t only the National’s oldest players, but also the team’s only to have won the World series. With 4 years remaining on his contract, there’s no question that Werth will not play his final days with the Nationals.

#2: Ryan Zimmerman
Although physically Ryan may not be at his best, due to a shoulder injury that stemmed from a surgery in 2012, mentally he feels he is more consistent of a player.

Although he posted his career-low in both fielding (0.945 %) and batting (0.275%), these scores were still good enough to place him in 5th on the team.

Even among all these adversities, Zimmerman still led the Nationals with 84 runs and 26 home runs.

#3: Doug Fister
Fister may not be the best starting pitcher for the team, nonetheless, he’s still the most valuable.

Fister has more playoff experience than any other pitcher in the team. He’s also coming off a season after striking out career-high 159 batters.

#4: Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper is fan’s favorite. He has proved himself on the plate, in the field, and on the base path, again and again.

Harper is the only real 5-tool player on his team.

He even improved last year. Although he had fewer appearances in his first few seasons (only 100), nonetheless his doubles, RBI numbers, and home runs were the same from his first and second year.

There you have it – 4 Best Players to Play for Washington Nationals in 2014.

Over to you. Who is your favorite Washington players and why? Please let us know!